Hi, I'm Kim! I'm twenty years old and I'm focused on getting fit, healthy and summer ready all year round! I'll be using this tumblr to track my progress and keep myself motivated! My main goal is to lose my fat + gain some muscle and tone (:

My Height: 5'5"
Highest weight: 127lbs
Lowest weight: 108lbs
Current weight: It doesn't bother me too much so I haven't weighed myself recently. Probably more towards my highest weight but I've got much more muscle now.
Ultimate Goal: Strong, Toned, Fit & Healthy!

Please feel free to leave me a message or ask me any questions :D

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2014 Goals

+ Start running regularly (3-4 times a week. Considering I currently strongly dislike running, that's a lot).
+ Do 40-50 full push ups in a row.
+ Do a couple clapping push ups.
+ Be able to do unassisted pistol squats (even just 2 of them).
+ Do an unassisted pull up.
+ Lower body fat enough to see abs.


Let’s get real - is it fat or muscle?

When I see other people trying to get healthy and lose weight, it always makes me really happy and I am more than willing to provide as much help or advice as I can! I actually go out of my way to workout with people who are new to the whole scene or reply to multiple texts or fb messages about nutrition choices through out the day. I try to be a really positive person to be around when it comes to weight loss!

Here’s the thing though… if you’ve put on 3kgs in two weeks, unlike everyone else, I’m not going to ‘be positive’ and tell you that you’ve done nothing wrong to make you feel better. That is not going to help you reach your goals! Lately, I’ve seen a lot of my facebook friends posting statuses like, “Omg. I’ve gained 2kgs this week! What am I doing wrong?” only to be followed by multiple comments like, “Don’t worry hun, it’s just muscle.”

Let’s be real here guys…

It’s not ‘just muscle’. Yes we all know muscle is denser than fat, but even so, it’s not ‘just muscle’. If you’ve put on that much weight in one week then you really need to be honest with yourself and re-evaluate what you’re eating. Sure, a lot of it may be water weight, but chances are some of it is fat too (especially if this type of fluctuation isn’t normal for you). You need to think about how good you have truly been eating. Is it possible you’re under-eating or over-eating? You have to be completely honest with yourself because you probably haven’t put on muscle. Hate to break it to ya, but muscle is hard to put on. If you can put on 2kgs, or heck even 1kg of muscle per week, then that is pretty insane and you’re probably on gear. It’s even harder to put on so much muscle in such little time if you’re only doing cardio too (which is what a lot of these people are doing!). I told one of my friends this same thing and then told her to write down every single thing she ate and show it to me at the end of the week. She didn’t end up showing it to me because she was too embarrassed to once she realised what she was actually eating… Good thing is though, she cleaned it up and began making real progress… It turns out a lot of people are having cheat weekends, ‘treats’ after a workout, 1000-calorie salads, sugar-filled fruit smoothies multiple times a week thinking it’s healthy (a lot actually contain sugary fruit flavoured syrups), and so on. All that junk from those sneaky meals will cause you retain a crap load of water weight and possibly some fat along with it!

I don’t think scales are necessary but sometimes it’s a good way to see if you’re on track (depending on your starting weight and goals). Water weight does cause your weight to fluctuate at times but if you’re weighing yourself at the same time consistently, and your weight has definitely gone up, it’s time to re-evaluate. Write down everything you eat so you can see where you might have gone wrong. Get real with yourself and make changes so you can finally progress! 

Also, stop telling other people it’s ‘just muscle’ because that’s not really supporting their progress!

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