Hi, I'm Kim! I'm twenty years old and I'm focused on getting fit, healthy and summer ready all year round! I'll be using this tumblr to track my progress and keep myself motivated! My main goal is to lose my fat + gain some muscle and tone (:

My Height: 5'5"
Highest weight: 127lbs
Lowest weight: 108lbs
Current weight: It doesn't bother me too much so I haven't weighed myself recently. Probably more towards my highest weight but I've got much more muscle now.
Ultimate Goal: Strong, Toned, Fit & Healthy!

Please feel free to leave me a message or ask me any questions :D

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2014 Goals

+ Start running regularly (3-4 times a week. Considering I currently strongly dislike running, that's a lot).
+ Do 40-50 full push ups in a row.
+ Do a couple clapping push ups.
+ Be able to do unassisted pistol squats (even just 2 of them).
+ Do an unassisted pull up.
+ Lower body fat enough to see abs.





~My Hidden Nirvana~

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I’ve had a few messages asking me about what my current training & eating plan is like as I haven’t really updated on them in a while. I’m working on new pages or a post about them, as they have changed quite a bit. I’ll post them in a few days (: Feel free to keep sending in questions though and I’ll reply what I can. 

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"Create Your Own Success" by Lauren Roberts from FJorde magazine, Issue 22 (2014).

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Tight Calves

Omg. My calves aren’t used to being annihilated on leg day. I didn’t mean to. It was an accident. But 2 days post-leg day and they are soooo tight. I’ve been walking around on tip toes for an entire day :’( I just want to walk normally! Foam rolling only helps for a couple of hours. I wish I had some Casein protein for tonight. Ahhhh. I have work tomorrow as well, 9 hours on my feet. Wish me luck! x

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